Table Prayers Changes

Pam & Ed Stone Monday March 2 cancelled




Table Prayers


My observation, when we sit around the kitchen table, we feel more comfortable than in the living room.  Why is that?  Maybe the living room was always formal or only for guests and you always needed your best behavior in there.  So it always felt strange, unfriendly to you or just too formal for your taste.  The kitchen table is just an easy place to be, if you spill or some crumbs fall, no big deal.  It’s a place where you are expected to take seconds, thirds, and eat the last one.  The kitchen table is where meaningful conversations take place– How was your day?  What happened today?  You laugh, cry, and joke around.  The kitchen table is God’s gift to us.

It is around a kitchen table that as a church, we are going to pray.  We will pray for each other, for this Body of Believers and for ministries God has given and is waiting for us to embrace.  It will be a time to listen to each other, listen to God, and talk to Him. 
These are the families that have opened up their kitchen table for us to gather together to pray.


Monday afternoon at 2:00 pm on February 9 & 23
Ed and Pam Stone


Monday evenings at 6:30 pm on February 9 & 23
Bill and Glenda Eschenbach


Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm on February 19 & 26

Don and Debbie Gustafson


(Addresses and phone numbers of the above persons are on Page 1 of the February Covenant Express - available from the NEWS menu)


It will be very helpful to the host and hostess for you to RSVP ( there is dessert involved).  The Lord speaking through Joel the Prophet said:  “Declare a holy fast; call a sacred assembly.  Summon the elders and all who live in the land to the house of the Lord your God, and cry out to the Lord.” Joel 1:14

I believe this is the word from the Lord to us.  Let us gather together and seek God and cry out to Him.

- Pastor Todd



Wednesday Night is Family NIght

Whether you're a family of one, or a family of many, please join us!!!!


We resume Wednesday Night Worship every week with a free dinner for all starting at 5:45 pm until 6:15 pm.  Activities then begin at 6:30 pm. 

✓ Nursery provided.

✓ AWANA (ages 3 year olds—6th grade)
✓ Youth grades 7-12)
✓ Adult Class in Library
✓ Prayer Meeting in East Room






Weekly Prayer Chain



More information in the weekly bulletin
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The Sonshine Closet Hours

Tue, Thu, Sat - 9 am - 3 pm

Wed, Fri - 2 pm - 6 pm

Sun, Mon - Closed




God Bless The Sonshine Volunteers!!!!



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