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Pouring One's Self Out

- Pastor Todd, September 2015             


For those who can remember, What age were you when your parents allowed you to pour your own glass of milk?  Maybe 3? 4? 8?   Yes, you thought you could pour your own beverages way before your parents allowed you.  But there was a time when your mother or father gave you permission, blessed you, with the power to pour your own beverage from a large container into your glass, When were you old enough to pour your own glass of milk?

 Ask you, Who were the people that poured their life into your life?  Father?  Mother?  Grandparent?  Family Members?  Co-worker?  Military Personal?   Who are those people who took the time to be with you, to teach you how to do things, to help you understand something, who went out of their way to check up on you and see and hear how you were doing?  They may be the very same people you go to today to get feed back or get counsel or bounce things around because you want their opinion.  How did these people pour their life into you?


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