How Much Sitting Do You Do?

- Pastor Todd, June 2015


When asked this question, my sister Kari, would tell you all the children she had “baby sat” in that last month. 


If you would ask my father this question, he would of said, “NONE”, there is too much work to be done to sit around.”


If you would ask the mother of a boy child this question, again most likely , “NEVER”, he never takes a break so I don’t get a break!”


If you were to ask men this question, they would understand you are questioning them whether or not they are lazy.


If you asked retired folks, they may say “TOO MUCH”, my legs/knees/hips/back are giving me problems.


Just a generalization here, when you ask someone about “SITTING”, the response usually deals with being busy or lazy.  Not many responses are given to indicate that you are being productive or informed or maturing as you sit.


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Words From Pastor Todd


At the Prayer Retreat in April, the Lord put an appetite for His Word into my spirit.  So Friday and Saturday, I read Genesis and Exodus.  Then as I read books by Watchman Nee, I did not take his word for what God’s Word said; rather I looked up and studied the passages he was quoting.  The Lord spoke to me and filled my Spirit with His Word.  It was satisfying and filling.  Nathan, my son, calls this feasting on God’s Word.


I was challenged and encouraged by this weekend’s events of how I enjoyed God’s Word and how clear He spoke through His Word.  How about you, are you feasting on God’s Word?  Are you satisfied and filled with His Word?  Are you chewing on the Word of God and obedient to His voice?

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