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AWANA Tonight! Wedbesday

God’s TIme

by Pastor Todd


On Wednesday evenings, there is a Bible Study taking place on the Book of Revelation, chapters 13-22.  As the study looked at the Dragon (Satan) and the Beast out of the sea and the Beast out of the earth, a theme appeared — worship.  The Beasts will demand from all people worship of an idol, the dragon and the beast itself.  The intended result is to make war on God's holy people, and to give to another what is rightfully God's — worship.  Worship belongs to God and Him alone. When ever our worship is given to some one or some thing else, it raises the person or thing to God status.  The Bible calls this idolatry.  Worship of nature, sky, sun, persons, things or one’s self or one’s desires, is idolatry.

In our culture, worship is given freely to so many things and people, that it has become small and meaningless.  We worship famous and powerful people, we worship cars or technology or the latest crazes.  We worship family, kids and self.  We worship the idea of something better tomorrow.  All of which encourages idolatry.  The evil one smiles in delight because he has caused us to take our attention and focus off of God and put it on someone or on something else.  He is succeeding in his mission.

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